Orgonite Pyramid with light base Maximize

Orgonite Pyramid with light base

Contains 5 quartz crystals, wrapped in copper wires, and two copper spirals

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Contains 5 quartz crystals, wrapped in copper wire. Transforms the destructive energy resulting from harmful electromagnetic emissions of power devices (DOR), such as neon lights, television screens, computer monitors, high voltage cables, mobile phones, mobile phones towers, into clean orgonic energy (POR), regenerating and balancing the energy field. Due to the action of quartz crystals, combined with organic material and minerals, it can absorb and purify large quantities of Dor on large areas, seven to eight hundred meters on average. It can also be used for meditation, for the sublimation of energy towards higher chakras, or placed on painful organs to expedite healing. The light base (supplied) generates a colourful light that excites crystals and generates an energetic field that harmonizes the surrounding environment. It also contains two copper spirals built on the lost cubit length, an ancient Egyptian unit of measure that has particular resonance with mental energy.

Base cm 14