One of the most interesting and mysterious shape in nature is certainly the spiral. It is the size of the microscopic and macroscopic cellular movements of galaxies. We find the spiral of shells , on the hairline of human beings, the acorn , on ' pineapple, on sunflower , plant life often adopts , not surprisingly ,
the spiral in the arrangement of the seeds , of petals, leaves, etc. . Attesting to the possible continuity of urban growth , the plan of the city of Auroville (built according to the instructions of the great sage and yogi Sri Aurobindo ) in India has, not surprisingly, turns YANG . A herd of reindeer scared narrows spiral YANG before fleeing , just like a spring that tightens ( contracts) before lying down . The universe shows us examples of spiral movements that are truly sublime . The galaxies , billions of suns that are arranged in a spiral shape under the action of the various currents of energy Yin / Yang. In many cases the twins have the hair implant reversed , in one sense and the other in the sense YIN YANG , CO indicates the fact that the reflection of the other one , it has been noticed that tornadoes rotate clockwise ( YIN ) south of the equator and counterclockwise ( YANG ) north of the Equator.
From this it is observed that the movements of the spiral Yin and Yang
equivalent respectively to movements of contraction and expansion . The direction of rotation or YIN YANG serves both to pick up the respective form of energy or YIN YANG by means of specific processes of resonance. This form appears almost every time you combine the mysterious force pushing outwards ( YIN ) with the mysterious force of attraction towards the inside ( YANG )