What is Orgonite

This site deals with orgonite, a compound made of organic material and metal combined with mono and biterminated quartz crystals, which has the ability to collect and purify the energy to which the Austrian scientist Wilheilm Reich gave   the name of “Orgone”, known in various spiritual traditions with the name of Prana, Ki, Vrill. Reich was a student of Sigmumd Freud’s and his studies were focused on  libido, the main drive of human beings, the sexual one, and according to Reich, this phenomenon did not only exist  at a psychological level, but   had a physical substance, it is the engine of life. His studies enabled him to clearly demonstrate the existence of this form of energy, and how to accumulate this energy, it is found that overlapping layers of metal and organic material allowed the accumulation of orgone energy, he built the orgone accumulator (ORAC). on this principle As a good researcher, Reich studied the phenomenon of orgone energy from all points of view, from the one of physics, noting the temperature change   which is generated inside an orgon accumulator, changes in the electrostatic potential which is higher with a lower discharge capacity compared with the outer, more or less tendency to evaporate moisture inside. From a medical point of view, thanks to his experiments on animals and people he found a 'speed increase in tissue growth, repair, and wound healing, the increase in the force field of tissue integrity and viability, and succeeded in demonstrating the importance of orgone for  
healing from cancer, until its effects on weather modification, even bringing the rain on areas affected by drought and desertification. The studies also showed that Orgone energy can take two forms, a beneficial, POR (positive orgone) and another harmful one, DOR (deadly orgone). DOR energy, in proximity of electromagnetic fields, generated by various electrical appliances such as fluorescent lights, power lines, nuclear power plants and today, repeaters for mobile phones, monitors, and any other source of electromagnetism, becomes DOR. Orgonite is an evolution of the orgone accumulator, in fact in the eighties Karl Weltz realized that by mixing metal shavings in  resin, which is the organic component, the power of attraction of the potential was much higher than normal orgone accumulator. Don and Carol Croft realized that by adding quartz crystals  orgonite is not only enhanced, but also has the ability to convert   Dor into Por, unlike the common accumulator that attracted indistinctly  the two types of orgone. Carol Croft, with a strong receptivity to subtle level, able to see subtle energy (orgone energy with the naked eye  ), said that in the presence of orgonite the aura of a human being expands, it tends to increase,  which means accumulation of energy.  Holy Handgrenades is the way in which Don Croft orgonite called a five-quartz crystals, it has the capacity to clean from Dor (negative and harmful energies) in an area of about 700/800 meters, the pyramidal shape of this device gives   orgonite a better subtle harmonizing charge. It can also be used for meditation, for the sublimation/raising of energies to the higher chakras, or can be placed on aching parts of the bodies to accelerate healing.