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Orgonite Vortex Energy Dreamcatcher

Orgonite, with 5 crystals, black tourmaline, rose quartz, amethyst, shungite and a copper spiral, powered by a 15 hz frequency generator

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Made of polyester resin, and various metals, including iron, steel, brass and bronze, it contains 5 crystals, four horizontally at the base of the device, and one vertically which ends at the top of the device. it also contains amethyst crystals, Shungite, rosequartz and white quartz, the base is a copper coil built on the same proportions as the lost cubit (cubit lost) ancient Egyptian unit of measurement that has a particular resonance with the emotional and mental energies. The representation at the top is a diagram common to many cultures. Present in the American Indian, but also in many Eastern cultures and in some crop circles, has a very high frequency vibration and Eastern cultures would be associated with the chakra fountain, the connection with the Absolute. The crystal is wrapped with a vertical moebius coil, a coil with a unique junction, which is crossed by an electrical signal, and generates  special magnetic waves (longitudinal waves) that excite the crystal allowing it to generate orgone energy. The power output signal from the generator frequency is set to a  15 Hz frequency (15 repetitions per second), this frequency has a particular resonance on the chakra fountain, allows the elimination of emotional trauma and energy blocks, and removes many parasitic forms. it Transforms the energy resulting from harmful electromagnetic emissions of power equipment (DOR), such as fluorescent lights, television screens, computer monitors,  'high-voltage cables, cell phones, but most of all telecommunication towers into clean energy orgone (POR) and regenerating balancing the energy field. Thanks to the 'action of quartz crystals, combined with organic material and minerals, it absorbs large amounts of Dor on large areas, an average of seven hundred meters.

diameter 20 cm

height 13 cm