Purple Tripura Sundari Pyramid Maximize

Purple Tripura Sundari Pyramid

Contains 5 quartz crystals, wrapped in copper wires, shungite and a spiral

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Epoxy resin made, copper and bronze, contains five quartz crystals, four seats horizontally, one vertically, in the direction of the tip, contains high quality shungite.
It can also be used for meditation, for the sublimation of the energies towards higher chakras, or be placed on organs painful to expedite healing. The light base (not supplied) generates a colorful light that excites crystals and generates an energetic field that armonize the surrounding environment, light can also be stopped on a single color, to be used for chromotherapy.

It also contains a copper spiral built on the lost cubit length, an ancient Egyptian units of measure that has particular resonance with mental energies.

Width cm 15
Height about cm 8,60