Aventurine Throat Chakra HHG Pyramid2 Maximize

Aventurine Throat Chakra HHG Pyramid2

Containing epoxy resin, sodalite,copper, bronze, 5 quartz points and rose quartz flakes

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Containing epoxy resin brass, sodalite, copper, bronze, 5 quartz points and rose quartz flakes.

The Sodalite is associated with the throat chakra, harmonize the inner being or the conscious with the subconscious mind.
It is most helpful for work in groups and stimulates thought. It is a stone wonderfully beneficial for healing breaches in communication. A stone of truth, it brings this to all communications. It is particularly useful for honesty of emotions. It increases intelligence, knowledge and learning and will unite the logical with the spiritual.
Sodalite is an excellent stone for reducing high blood pressure if carried constantly on the person.
Has a strong resonance with the Vishuddha chakra, the throat chakra, governs communication, insight and genial creativity.

Base 10 cm