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Towerbuster Orgonite Pyramid

Contain a quartz crystals of hyaline quartz. It 'made of polyester resin, epoxy resin coated, rose quartz, shungite

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Orgonite Pyramid, Contains quartz crystals and shungite, transforms the energy resulting from harmful electromagnetic emissions of electrical devices (DOR), such as neon lights, television screens, computer monitors, high voltage cables, mobile phones, in  clean orgonic energy  (POR), regenerating and balancing the energy field. Due to the action of quartz crystals, combined with organic material and minerals, can absorb and purify large quantities of Dor on large areas, on average seven/eight hundred meters. It can also be used for meditation, for the sublimation of the energies towards higher chakras, or be placed on organs painful to expedite healing. It is made of polyester resin, epoxy resin-coated, copper, iron, brass, and rose quartz. It also contains a  logarithmic spiral.

During the healing process, the resin is subject to a series of audio frequencies to charge them positively ( to give a positive input/imprinting) The frequencies used are related to the sounds of the Bija Mantra of the various Chakras and other frequencies that have the ability to re-harmonize the human mental and physical balance.

Base cm 15
Heigth cm 13,5