Hollow pyramid quartz and resin with base light Maximize

Hollow pyramid quartz and resin with base light

Contains five quartz crystals of hyaline quartz. It 'made of polyester resin, epoxy resin coated, rose quartz. It also contains a copper coil.

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Made of polyester resin and flakes of rose quartz with a thickness of about 1.2 cm , the base of light placed inside illuminates the pyramid exciting the crystal with colors from blue to red to green , thereby generating an energy field on the specific frequency color.

It can also be used to
energy-giving bjects or jewelry, simply by placing them inside for a few hours .

The pyramid has the ability to give the interior space and its immediate vicinity , properties that do not normally have . Similar features have been observed both in the pyramid, and in some forms found in nature, especially in the animal kingdom: the shells of snails, in the simple shells, etc. .. ,

A specific area of the pyramid has a big importance, in fact, a pyramid with a side facing north , in the south side , one-third of the height , it seems to focus a large amount of energy, this energy that manifests itself physically in unusual phenomena for the rules of mainstream science , such as small animals found inside the pyramid of Cheops do not seem to have entered into decay , but you are just dehydrated. Some experiments have shown that different foods placed under the pyramid does not decompose but simply dehydrate .

It ' also known the fact that the blades placed under a pyramid after several hours resume sharpening.

During the healing process, the resin is subject to a series of audio frequencies to load them positively ( to give a positive input/imprinting) The frequencies used are related to the sounds of the Bija Mantra of the various Chakras and other frequencies that have the ability to re-harmonize the human mental and physical balance.

Base cm 15
Heigth cm 13,5